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Maintenance Tips

Keep your transmission running better and longer with these car-maintenance tips for automatic and manual vehicles. If you are not fully comfortable with your vehicle’s under-the-hood components, schedule any and all transmission maintenance with Twin City Transmission.

Here are a few tips that could help you avoid
a potential breakdown:
  • Check transmission fluid regularly & properly
  • Check Transmission fluid after running hot
  • Use external cooler in high stress conditions
  • Check linkage and adjustments periodically.

Fluid Checks And Changes

The vast majority of transmission failures result from neglected fluid checks and changes. Maintaining the correct auto-transmission fluid level and changing the fluid when it becomes old are the primary transmission-maintenance functions you should perform.

Your vehicle’s transmission has a filter to catch and hold small particles of contamination, just like the engine has a filter to keep the engine oil clean. A transmission filter can act as a type of “screen” that can be cleaned and reused, or it can be “fabric” that has to be replaced when dirty. A professional transmission-maintenance shop will only recommend filter replacement when it is observed to be sufficiently dirty as to restrict fluid flow.